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"Anyone considering Hellerwork should not hesitate. My posture is better, joints move easier, I can breathe easier and this is after only a few sessions."
Bella ~ Accounting

"I recommend Hellerwork to anyone whose life is being dictated to by restricted movement or pain. Your approach to the body as a whole, the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling I had of always being in control made the sessions something to look forward to."
Diana ~ Publishing

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Who is Hellerwork Structural Integration for?
Anybody with a body. Hellerwork Structural Integration has a long history of relieving chronic pain, including back and neck pain, migraines, TMJ pain, and occupational overuse pain, to name a few. Athletes have successfully used Hellerwork to improve their performance and to hasten recovery. Yoga practitioners, martial artists, dancers, actors and tai chi practitioners find that it can deepen their practice and stabilize their posture. But you don’t need to be in pain or an athlete to have a positively benefit from the work as everyone can enjoy better awareness of their body and to it work more efficiently.

What does Hellerwork Structural Integration feel like?
Everyone’s experience is unique but clients commonly report a satisfying pressure leading to a sense of ease or release. Although sometimes compared to deep tissue massage and other types of bodywork, it is best to think of Structural Integration as a totally new experience. While the work may sometimes be direct and deep, the practitioner will always work in a way that recognises and respects the client’s level of comfort. Client and practitioner work as a team, with the client actively participating and significantly influencing the process.

How long does it take for changes to appear in the body?
Some clients feel significant change during the session, while others report significant physiological changes hours later. For others, changes gently unfold as weeks pass, perhaps being noticed as relaxed shoulders in a stressful situation, freer legs while dancing, a feeling of being taller in general, or improved athletic performance. Results are personal and everyone’s experience is unique. It may be relief from pain, an overall state of well-being, or the achievement of a specific sporting goal. Change is the life’s only constant. Hellerwork Structural Integration helps to make change a positive transformation.

How long does Hellerwork Structural Integration last?
Structural Integration is a powerful form of bodywork that shows positive changes in structure years after completing the basic eleven session series. As life changes, bodies also change. For this reason, some people choose to receive post eleven series work which, depending on the individual’s needs and interests, may mean ongoing work, an annual tune-up of three sessions or whenever necessary.

How do sessions work?
Sessions are generally ninety minutes long although two hours should be allowed for the first session. At the start of each session there is a check in for any changes since the last session. The work takes place on a low, wide table on a stool or even while standing or walking. The strokes are slow and can be deep or light depending on the need and the client is often actively moving to assist in freeing and reorganising the fasica.

Do I have to do all eleven sessions?
It has taken time to create the structural and movement patterns that you have today, the eleven session series is designed to work through the entire body, freeing, organising and integrating it. Each session focuses on a different part of the body, and the sessions build on each other so that when you are finished you are able to keep those changes for years instead of hours or days. However, benefits can be felt from just one session and there are natural stopping points in the series should you decide not to continue.

How frequently should I do the sessions?
Sessions are generally scheduled weekly or fortnightly but you can discuss other options with your practitioner.

If I have a sore back can I just get work on my back?
Structural Integration considers the body as an organic whole, not parts that function independently of each other. So while you may be feeling pain or discomfort in one area, the true culprit may be the result of a compensation, shortness or rotation in another area. Working parts in isolation of the whole body usually will mean the pain or discomfort will manifest elsewhere or will return after a short time. It is important that the whole body is brought into balance

What do I wear?
Sports type underwear or a swimsuit (preferably two piece) work well for women. Comfortable briefs or similar for men are preferable to boxer shorts. It is important that you are comfortable during your session and everything possible will be done to have you feel at ease.

When can I schedule a session?
Sessions are available; Monday to Thursday 8:30 to 5:30, Friday 8:30 to 8:30 and one early Saturday afternoon session. Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

What does it cost?
Ninety minute sessions are $138. Although you are best to allow two hours for the first session, there is no additional fee for the extended session. Cash or cheque only please.
Hellerwork Structural Integration is not covered by ACC.